CopyCrypt is a simple service to register your digital media on the blockchain. It proves that an image, melody, writing or any creative work existed and was registered by you in a given date. This provides peace of mind in sharing your work, without worrying someone might steal your idea. You can always prove publically, or in a court of law, that a work existed prior to a subsequent copy.

The steps are very simple. Select the media file you want to record on the blockchain. Fill in the name, author and description. Pay the $5 or $10 insertion fee and we will handle the rest. We will then provide you a copycrypt packet with all the documenation by email.

Since there is a transaction cost to record your media file on the blockchian, we charge either $5 if you take care of storing the file. or for $10, we will store the file for 10 years.

After we record your media file on the public blockchain. you will receive a registration certificate, with official blockchian explorer links pointing to the transaction containing the file hash, the registration info and links to the file (if hosted & public is selected).